fire with fire

Burning down the House

Here’s your ticket, pack your bags, time for jumping overboard into a musical experience unlike any other. 

Freud’s Talking Head is a band of veteran musicians who have gotten together to perform the classic sounds of Pink Floyd and Talking Heads, melding it into a powerful performance you won’t forget.  With meticulous attention to detail, Freud’s Talking Head recreates the visual spectacle of Pink Floyd’s iconic live performances, complete with stunning light displays, mesmerizing projections, and a stage setup that captures the essence of the original band’s immersive productions.   In true homage to talking Heads, the band brings the eclectic energy and quirkiness of their live shows, ensuring an engaging and dynamic experience for all.  

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Step into a musical journey like no other with Freud’s Talking Head, a captivating tribute that seamlessly blends the mesmerizing sounds of Pink Floyd and the infectious rhythms of Talking Heads.  Prepare to be transported to the iconic eras of these two legendary bands, as Freud’s Talking Head delivers an unforgettable live performance.  

Immerse yourself in the sonic landscapes of Pink Floyd as Freud’s Talking Head flawlessly recreates their atmospheric melodies, haunting lyrics, and intricate arrangements.  From the ethereal beauty of Wish You Were Here to the epic grandeur od Comfortably Numb, every note resonates with the unmistakable Pink Floyd Sound.  Close your eyes and let the familiar tubns of Another Brick In the Wall, Money, and Time wash over you, evoking the emotions and memories that only Pink Floyd can conjure. 

But the journey doesn’t end there.  Freud’s Talking Head seamlessly transitions into the vibrant world of Talking Heads, capturing the energy and infectious grooves that defined the band.  Get ready to dance and sing along to timeless hits like Psycho Killer, Burning Down the House, and Once in a Lifetime.  Feel the rhythm pulse through your veins as the band channels the signature style and charismatic stage presence of David Byrne. 


Tony orant

Keys | Vocal

On atmospheric keyboards, screaming organ, piano and vocals, is a stalwart of the Chicago music scene, having toured the world with Hello Dave, Rico!, Gertrude, The Core, CleoPatricx, The Proud and Social Security among others. Tony is fired up to be bringing his years of recording and performing experience to recreating the sights and sounds of Pink Floyd.

Rachel Ross


An outstanding vocal talent from New Mexico. Don’t let this mild mannered woman fool you: she has the voice of prime Aretha Franklin, and soul to spare. She adds an angelic quality to the vocals of the band, but when she steps out front for songs like Great Gig In The Sky and Mother, mouths drop, ears tingle and goosebumps appear.

Chuck Hawley

Guitar | Vocal

A monster guitar player, is a veteran of many New Mexico bands, and leads his own Chuck Hawley Group. His huge tone, and fret finesse will leave you slackjawed in awe. His vocal takes on songs like Fat Old Sun recreate the innocence of the early Floyd, A connoisseur of rock guitar, Chuck is an encyclopedia of riffs and sounds, and will stun casual fans and hardcores alike.

Samantha Harris


Hailing from Tome, NM, Samantha Harris is a musician of sorts, who claims to play keyboards, bass guitar, and bass synth. Thriving on good intentions and better vibes, she is affectionately called “Bass Mama” in some circles. Whilst nurturing in personality, her style is solid, never boring, and above all else, in the pocket.

James Haynes

Guitar | Vocal


Brad Yablonskey


Drummer extraordinaire, has logged years on the New Mexico jazz scene, and is the perfect percussionist for this band. He is known for his deep pocket and impeccable sound.

Douglas Bellen

Bass | Vocal

The anchor of Pink Freud with his subtle bass playing. A schooled veteran of the New Mexico scene (Innastate, The Jir Project, and others), Doug plays many instruments, and his vocal talents add another dimension to Pink Freud. His attention to detail further pushes the recreation of Pink Floyd music the way you remember it.

Carli Marshall


A New Mexico native, she has graced the stages and elevated the music of bands like Innastate, The Jir Project, and The Jennays. Carli brings you the melancholy and soul stirring horn melodies of classics like Crazy Diamond and Us and Them, pushing Pink Freud into spacial reincarnation!

Sarah Rebello Amaral


Kevin Kinane

Percussion | Vocal

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